One of women’s biggest concerns is the shape and symmetry of their lips.

The lip naturally thins with age and our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors concentrate on achieving a balance between the upper and lower lip by enhancing the vermillion borders and adding volume to the lips to restore a younger fuller lip.

The classic “Paris Lip” may take 1 to 2 mls of Neuramis Deep which should last for between 6 to 18 months. The more often you have the procedure the longer it should start to last as the repeated injections start to stimulate your own natural collagen and elastin production.

Neuramis Volume can be substituted for Deep for an even longer effect once the exact proportions and most desired effect is established.

Check our before and after pictures to see what can be achieved with lips and lip stick bleeding lines around the mouth.

Dr. Paul R. Weaver
Medical Director Cosmetic Nurse Injectors