Much to my surprise I discovered there can be relief from the frequency and severity of headache by injecting patients with Botulinum A (BTX-A).

When I started out, in the late 90’s, injecting frown lines with BTX-A, patients returned for top ups saying they knew that their injections had worn off as their headaches had returned.

So despite starting their treatment for cosmetic reasons an extra benefit was that their headaches had significantly reduced as well. Some patients with severe migraine told me that they had been completely headache free for several months. For many patients this transformed their lives and became the main indication for their repeat treatments.

Tension often manifests itself as headache. Chronic headache can drag people down and even cause depression. Multiple medications & doctors visits and even opiate addiction can follow. It can be a “Catch 22” with headache leading to increased tension and stress and thus a deteriorating problem.

Subsequently medical research has confirmed the benefits of BTX-A both for headache and depression.

BTX-A has been recommended for migraine treatment in the UK’s NHS since 2012 and also in that year Dr. Wollmer, a psychiatrist at the University of Basel in Switzerland, published a study confirming the effectiveness of BTX-A for depression in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

So when you have frown lines it may be a sign of tension and you may achieve relief of both the lines and the muscular tension by having BTX-A injections from our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors.

Dr. Paul R. Weaver
Medical Director
Cosmetic Nurse Injectors