Do you suffer from sweaty armpits? Do you struggle to mask the problem with deodorants or antiperspirants?
Do sweaty stains cause embarrassment?

Did you know that a “Toxin” might be the answer for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis?)

Botulinum A (BTX-A), commonly used as an injection to reduce wrinkles, also blocks sweat production in the skin. A few tiny injections in the armpit may block sweating for up to a year. I tried a dose of my own medicine a few years back, when demonstrating to other Docs and my armpits were dry for 9 months straight!

It’s a very simple treatment that has revolutionised peoples lives. As with many other cosmetic issues, doctors tend to underestimate the importance of the problem. So don’t be afraid to consult our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors about your sweating problem for instant and prolonged relief.
Alternatives include Iontophoresis and surgery but neither are terribly appealing or convenient.

Dr. Paul R. Weaver
Medical Director
Cosmetic Nurse Injectors